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Owner Ted Sermon always has a friendly smile

Owner Ted Sermon always has a friendly smile

Sermon Service & Electric opened its doors on April 1, 2000. Nope, this was not an April Fools joke. Although there were times in building the new business that it felt like one.

But seriously, when we opened our doors, we did it with meager means and a small staff of founder/dispatch, Ted Sermon and one electrician. This situation lasted for a couple of months. We then added an office staff named Sheila Sermon, better known to everyone as ‘Mom’.

Our goal was to be ‘A Modern Company with Old Fashioned Values’, a company that understood the customers needs and successfully met them. Sheila believed in this concept and for many of the critical business building years, she became the voice on the other end of the line that the community came to know and love. Customers knew when they were talking to Sheila that they were treated with genuine respect and concern. At that same time, we were becoming overwhelmed and were fortunate enough to add two more technicians to the crew.

Because of our core beliefs in Integrity, Quality and transparency, we grew with the economy. The many years of experience that our technicians and office staff brought far out weighed the newness of the company. Due to our growth, in 2003 we added a service manager, and more techs. Through the years we have had many talented service techs and began to add office staff. The quality of the technicians and office staff gave us opportunities to grow. This prompted us to call ourselves the ‘Full-Service Company’.


This was ‘The American Dream’ in action! And we were blessed to be taking part in it.

Today, we have far surpassed our expectations and we continue to strive for excellence. We have a wide variety of talent in our techs, including HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. We have a yearly food drive for our local food bank and we are involved in many charitable drives in our community. Our president Ted Sermon has served or is serving on the Better Business Bureau Board of Directors, and the Idaho State HVAC Board. We continue to serve the community with highly qualified technicians with many years of combined experience and strive to advance our services. We have set high standards for our employees. They are background checked, drug tested, courteous, and clean in appearance. We have met our original goals in doing so, and we continue searching for ways to add to and improve services for the customer.

We are very proud of our involvement in our community in Southeast Idaho, and promise to continue with our high level of service and dedication!

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