Earlier this year we invited Sermon Service & Electric to our home for the purpose of giving us an estimate to replace our 1950’s era gas furnace. They sat at our kitchen table patiently and thoroughly answered all our questions and concerns about taking this big step. The technician designed a system that would not “break the bank” for us, but also that would provide an efficient and very updated gas furnace system.

After careful consideration of our options (including other companies/products), we chose Sermon Service & Electric and the Bryant furnace the technician recommended. It was a very good decision. Both the product and the service that we received have been everything the technician promised. Everyone was on time, friendly, professional, and thorough. When the state inspector came to see the work, he said it was perfect and immediately approved the very good installation. We could not be happier with the furnace. To top it all off, the technician recently took the time to follow up with us to make sure that we were satisfied. That extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction is very important, too.

The technician promised excellent service and an excellent product. Sermon Service & Electric delivered everything they promised and we are very happy that we chose them. We are pleased to recommend Sermon Service & Electric and the Bryant furnace that we purchased.

Bill and Kathleen Swenson
Shelley, Idaho

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